The basic idea is the construction of a software platform, connected to a network of ITS instrumentation, capable of increasing the use of bicycles in the city (with the consequent decrease in pollution caused by traffic) using various incentive systems that would produce an increase in the turnover of the partners working on the platform and of all the actors connected to the production and sale in Tuscany of bicycles, including the related induced activities.

The project develops an innovative bicycle travel monitoring service based on an equally innovative Intelligent Transport System (ITS) instrumentation installed:

– In the bikes;

– On fixed crossings internally within the city;

– provided as portable equipment to law enforcement agencies or traffic wardens.

This instrumentation will be a decision support for administrations with data on bicycle mobility that, through a cloud software platform containing a dashboard/dashboard for analyzing the data collected, will allow them to plan the development of bicycle mobility (new bike lanes or other) and to manage reward policies for bicycle use.

In addition, the system will also prove useful to the citizens themselves, thanks to the anti-theft function for bicycles with which it will also be possible to carry out insurance of private bicycles against theft, providing an additional driver for bicycle use and the possibility of improving the urban bicycle park.

The technology partners will produce the SW platform, install the HW system, and provide an annual service related to the use of the platform, while the industrial partner will install the sensors on existing bikes and produce new bikes integrating the innovative sensors.

“Newgoo Srl – Parkpre”
Save My Bike
CUP 3389.30072014.068000037
Project financed under the 2014-2020 Tuscany ERDF ROP.