The PORTABLE project implements an innovative open platform for the management of tourism according to Industry 4.0 logic and technologies and the testing of new two-wheeled vehicles for covering the last mile of tourism.

PORTABLE encourages widespread, two-wheeled tourism to ensure:

– Sustainable tourism that favors under-visited and marginal territories/areas;

– people-to-people distancing, aimed at creating the security conditions necessary for the stable recovery of tourism, a significant item for regional and national GDP.

Accessibility to tourist points of interest (POIs) at urban and suburban levels will be based on Gamification/Rewarding logics to ensure a self-sustaining virtuous process in which every tourist choice is a voluntary and expected action. The project researches ways to provide tourists with a showcase of different POIs whose visit will give them credits to spend in the form of rewards provided by activities and businesses. The project intends to delve into ways of creating and managing credits that will also be linked to transport modes, individual routes, areas or nodes, so as to provide a valuable contribution to the support and revitalization of the entire territorial tourism economy, including those bordering the POIs themselves.

Another innovative function, studied by the project, will be the enhancement of accessibility to the marginal areas of the territory that residents will also be able to use with a demand-responsive transportation service and alternative means.

In detail, the platform modules will be as follows:

  • Tourist offer: administrators of commercial establishments, public administrations, cultural associations, etc. will upload the offer (POI or prize offered): the tourist will choose the POI of his/her interest.
  • Transportation offer: tourists will choose how to access the POI by conventional public transportation (bus, streetcar, train) and non-public transportation (bike-sharing, bike rental, car-sharing, etc.). Mobility system operators will indicate the location of their vehicles (buses, electric vehicles, etc.) and gravitation area;
  • Information and virtualization: the platform operator will create dynamic Virtual-Augmented-Reality-Mixed content to make the POI content more usable, direct, and engaging (infographics, animated characters, scenes and glimpses of past life, interaction with a guiding character, etc.) and confer additional rewards.

“Newgoo Srl – Parkpre”

Operation/project co-funded/financed by the

Tuscany ROP ERDF 2014-2020″